2019-2020 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jun 16, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog and Student Handbook [Archived Catalog]

Secondary Education - Mathematics, A.S.T.

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Major in Tennessee Transfer Pathway with the Emphasis in Secondary Education - Mathematics (A.S.T.)

Sample Academic Plan - Total Credit Hours: 60

Program Requirements - Students may be required to take additional Learning Support courses.  Courses cannot be used more than once to satisfy program requirements.

First Year - Fall Semester - Credit Hours: 14

First Year - Spring Semester - Credit Hours: 16

Second Year - Fall Semester - Credit Hours: 17

Second Year - Spring Semester - Credit Hours: 13

General Education Requirements (Only When Option Noted Above)

1History Requirement - Select from HIST 2010 , HIST 2020 HIST 2030 , HIST 2310 , HIST 2320 .

2Humanities/Fine Arts Requirement - Select from ART 1035 , ART 2000 , ART 2020 , ENGL 2160 , ENGL 2860 , HUM 1010 HUM 1020 MUS 1030 PHIL 1030 PHIL 1040 PHIL 2200 THEA 1030 . Literature Options: ENGL 2055 , ENGL 2130 , ENGL 2235 , ENGL 2310 , ENGL 2320 .

3Mathematics Requirement - Select from MATH 1010 MATH 1130 MATH 1530 MATH 1630 MATH 1710 MATH 1720 MATH 1730 , MATH 1830 MATH 1910 .

4Natural Sciences Requirement - Select from ASTR 1030 BIOL 1080  (must pair with non-biology course except for BIOL 2010  or BIOL 2020 ), BIOL 1110 BIOL 1120 BIOL 2010 BIOL 2020 CHEM 1110 CHEM 1120 ESCI 1010 ESCI 1020 PHYS 2010 PHYS 2020 PHYS 2110 PHYS 2120 PSCI 1030 .

5Social/Behavioral Science Requirement - Select from ANTH 1230 ANTH 1430 , ECON 2100 ECON 2200 GEOG 2010 MCOM 1110 PHED 2120 POLS 1010 POLS 1030 POLS 2025 POLS 2035 PSYC 1030 PSYC 2130 SOCI 1010 SOCI 1040 SOCI 2010 .


*Students should confer with their advisor or a representative of the university to which they intend to transfer to determine the recommended history courses.  Students who intend to transfer to UT Knoxville should take 6 credit hours of a non-U.S. History sequence to fulfill the History requirements.  UT Chattanooga requires that one of the History courses be a non-Western cultures course.

**Students who intend to transfer to MTSU's, ETSU's, or UTK's secondary education program should follow the Mathematics AA/AS TTP and not the AST TTP.  ETSU and UTK recommend and MTSU requires that students take education courses after transfer.

*** PHYS or CHEM are recommended.  Students who intend to transfer to UT Chattanooga should take either calculus-based or non-calculus-based Physics sequence.  UT Martin requires an additional Chemistry sequence 1010/1020 and PHYS.

****University of Memphis requires two of the following three courses to satisfy the social behavioral science requirement.  Survey of World Regions, Intro to Cultural Geography, or American Government.  University of Memphis also requires Into to Biology in place of PHYS 1040.

Additional AST Degree Requirements
1.Students earning an AST degree must meet the following:

   a.  Achievement of a "C" or better in all Math courses listed

   b.  ACT cumulative score of 21 (SAT 1020) or successful completion of approved standardized examination (Praxis Core) for admission to university College of Education. NOTE: MTSU and UTC require a 22 ACT score.

   c.  Attainment of a 2.75 cumulative grade point average.  Successful completion of approved standardized examination for admission to university's College of Education.

   d.  Satisfactory ratings on an index of suitability for the teaching profession.

2.Students transferring to a public university in Tennessee may need to meet additional requirements to gain admittance to the university.

Check www.tntransferpathway.org to see which four-year institutions offer this TTP major.  Students should meet with their assigned advisor to determine courses required for the university chosen.

Students and advisors should run a degree audit from myChargerNet each semester to confirm classes are applicable to the program of study.

For more information contact:
Kirstin Davenport at 
kdavenport3@columbiastate.edu or 615.465.5762
Humanities & Social Sciences Division office at 931.540.2780

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