2018-2019 Catalog and Student Handbook 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog and Student Handbook [Archived Catalog]

Tennessee Board of Regents

Tennessee Board of Regents

Dr. Flora Tydings, Chancellor


The Honorable Bill Haslam, Governor of the State of Tennessee and Chair, ex officio
The Honorable Jai Templeton, Commissioner of Agriculture, ex officio
Mike Krause, Executive Director, THEC, ex officio, non-voting
The Honorable Dr. Candice McQueen, Commissioner of Education, ex officio

Dr. MaryLou Apple 6th Congressional District
Mr. Gregory Duckett 9th Congressional District
Ms. Yolanda S. Greene 4th Congressional District
Mr. Alex Fitzner, Faculty Regent Pellissippi State Community College
Mr. Tom Griscom 3rd Congressional District
Mr. Joey Hatch 7th Congressional District
Mrs. Fran F. Marcum 4th Congressional District
Ms. Barbara U. Prescott 8th Congressional District
Ms. Emily J. Reynolds, Vice-Chair At-Large, Middle Tennessee
Ms. Leigh A. Shockey At-Large West Tennessee
Mr. J. Parker Smith 1st Congressional District
Mr. Joshua L. Spurling, Student Regent Roane State Community College
Mr. Robert P. Thomas 5th Congressional District
Ms. Danni B. Varlan 2nd Congressional District
Thomas A. H. White At-Large, East Tennessee

Tennessee Higher Education Commission

Mike Krause, Executive Director

2018-2019 Commission Members

Evan Cope, Chair Murfreesboro (Middle Tennessee)
Dr. Nancy Dishner Johnson City (East Tennessee)
Jimmy Johnston Gallatin (Middle Tennessee)
Pam Koban Nashville (Middle Tennessee)
Mintha Roach Knoxville (East Tennessee)
Vernon Stafford, Jr Memphis (West Tennessee)
Frank L. Watson, Jr. Memphis (West Tennessee)
Dakasha Winton Chattanooga (East Tennessee)
A C Wharton, Jr., Secretary Memphis (West Tennessee)
Tre Hargett, Secretary of State Nashville
Justin P. Wilson, State Comptroller Nashville
David H. Lillard, Jr., State Treasurer Nashville
Dr. Sara Heyburn, non-voting ex-officio Executive Director, State Board of Education
Cara Sulyok, voting ex-officio Student Member, University of Tennessee, Knoxville