Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 
    Jun 23, 2018  
Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degree Requirements

Columbia State Community College General Degree Requirements

All associate degrees awarded by Columbia State Community College shall require 60 semester credit hours with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0. The GPA includes all classes taken including those not required for the degree. At least 18 of the credit hours must be earned in residence at Columbia State. Students may not graduate before completing all developmental studies course requirements as determined by their placement scores. Credit hours earned in developmental studies or other courses for institutional credit only are not applicable as credit hours required for the degree.

Degree Requirements for the Associate of Science (A.S.)

See “Tennessee Board of Regents’ General Education and Undergraduate Degree Requirements," on the Academic Programs and Services page.


English Composition: 6 credit hours

Speech: 3 credit hours

Humanities/Fine Arts:

Literature: 3 credit hours

Courses selected from fine arts/humanities: 6 credit hours*

History: 6 credit hours

Selected in accordance with requirements of the college or university to which the student plans to transfer.

Students transferring to a TBR university should take American History; students transferring to other universities should take the sequence required at the university to which they are transferring. Students who lack the required one unit (one year) of American History from high school as an admissions requirement must complete six (6) semester hours of American History or three (3) semester hours of American History and three (3) semester hours of Tennessee History to fulfill the history requirements in general education.

Social/Behavioral Sciences: 6 credit hours*

Natural Sciences: 8 credit hours*

Mathematics: 3 credit hours*

*See degree checklists at for specific courses meeting this requirement.

Additional Courses: 19 credit hours

Courses must be appropriate to the program in which the student plans to major upon transfer as listed under the program of study (see degree checklists at Substitutions or waivers require approval.

Total: 60 credit hours

Courses Satisfying General Education Core Requirements

When core requirements are listed as electives in a program of study, the courses must be selected from the following:

Natural Sciences Elective

Choose from:

Degree Requirements for the Associate of Arts (A.A.)

General degree requirements for the Associate of Arts degree are the same as those listed above for the Associate of Science. In addition, the Associate of Arts requires proficiency in a foreign language equivalent to completion of one year of college-level work. This requirement may be met by completion of six (6) hours of the same foreign language or through credit by exam (see the Academic Information page).