Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 
    Jun 23, 2018  
Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Associate of Applied Science Degree and Certificate Requirements

Columbia State Community College General Degree Requirements

All associate degrees awarded by Columbia State Community College shall require a minimum of 60 semester credit hours with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0. The GPA includes all classes taken including those not required for the degree. At least 18 of the credit hours must be earned in residence at Columbia State. Students may not graduate before completing all developmental studies course requirements as determined by their placement scores. Credit hours earned in developmental studies or other courses for institutional credit only are not applicable as credit hours required for the degree.

General Degree Requirements for the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Total semester hours for the Associate of Applied Science degree vary from 60-74 hours with a GPA of at least 2.00 in program courses. Specific degree requirements for majors leading to the Associate of Applied Science degree are listed under each major.

General education course requirements for the A.A.S. are as follows:

Humanities/Fine Arts: 3 credit hours*

Social/Behavioral Sciences: 3 credit hours*

Natural Sciences/Mathematics: 3-4 credit hours*

Additional Course: 3-4 credit hours*

*(See A.A.S. major for specific courses meeting this requirement.)

English Composition: 3 credit hours

Total: 15 - 17 credit hours

Minimum Requirements for Technical Certificates

Specific requirements for technical certificates vary. See specific requirements under each certificate. Students seeking a certificate must earn a minimum of 50% of the credits required for that certificate in residence at Columbia State with an overall grade point average of at least 2.0. This includes all classes taken even those not required for the certificate.

Associate of Applied Science Degree (Career-Entry Programs)

The Associate of Applied Science degree is designed for the student who wishes to move directly into the job market after graduation.

Business Information Technology
    Option: Computer Systems 
    Option: Office Systems

Business Management

Criminal Justice Technology
    Option I: Law Enforcement
    Option II: Corrections

General Technology


Radiologic Technology

Respiratory Care

Veterinary Technology

Technical Certificate Programs

These certificates are designed to allow students to gain entry-level proficiency in specific skills.

Business Management

Commercial Entertainment
    Option: Songwriting 
    Option: Performance

Early Childhood Education


Film Crew Technology