Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 
    May 22, 2018  
Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

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EDU 222 - Education of Exceptional Learners

Education of Exceptional Learners is designed to increase the student's understanding of the psychology and education of the exceptional child. This course is not a methodology course, but it will provide an overview of the range of exceptional characteristics that exist and the effects of these on learning. The physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and social traits of children and adolescents will be discussed. Students will gain an understanding of pertinent federal and state legislation (Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act) by which some children and adolescents are considered exceptional and identified as such. Other topics will include legal issues, giftedness, as well as diversity of culture and language. Pre-service teachers will also apply computers and related technologies to support instruction in appropriate grade levels and subject areas for exceptional learners. They will also complete an 8-hour field study in an approved inclusive or special education classroom.

(Prerequisites: DSPR 0800 and DSPW 0800 or satisfactory placement scores.)

Credits: (3).

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