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Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 
Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

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CIS 275 - Computer Networking II

This course introduces the student to advanced networking skills and installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Wide Area Networks (WANs). The course will address topics including telecommunication basics, wide area network topologies and protocols, commercial and personal network access technologies, WAN security and network directory services. The students will complete hands-on labs, including configuration of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and hardware firewall, installation and configuration of a current Windows Server operating system with Active Directory, DHCP and DNS. Each student will also research and present a current or future networking technology not addressed in the instructor’s lectures. (Course is offered Spring only.)

(Prerequisite: CIS 175.)

Credits: (3).

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