Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 
    Sep 21, 2018  
Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Columbia State Foundation

On June 22, 1965, the State Board of Education approved Columbia as the site of Tennessee's first community college. At last, a college education would be more accessible for the residents of South Central Tennessee.

To help meet the scholarship and financial needs of Columbia State students, the Columbia State Foundation was organized in March of 1971 as a non-profit corporation. Its purposes, as specified in the charter are "to receive, hold, care for, invest, use, and distribute income for the promotion of educational activities at Columbia State." Since its beginning, the Foundation has provided over $8 million dollars in additional funds for scholarships and special needs at Columbia State.


The Columbia State Foundation encourages alumni, friends, economic partners and others to invest their time and resources toward the improvement of education at Columbia State and to making higher education accessible to students in the College's service area.

2009-2010 Executive Board

Mr. Lonnie Roberts, Chair
Mr. Tim Pettus, Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Ken Moore, Vice Chair
Mr. Kenneth R. Horner, ex-officio, Treasurer
Ms. Bethany Lay, ex-officio, Secretary
Dr. Janet Smith, ex-officio
Mr. Edward Moore, Development Committee Chair
Mr. Waymon Hickman, Trustees Committee Chair
Ms. Nell Evers, Community Relations/Grants Committee Chair
Dr. Ronnie Erwin, Investment Committee Chair
Mr. Craig Holland, Development Committee Vice-Chair
Mr. Steve Bates, Investment Committee Vice-Chair
Ms. Judith Strickland, Trustees Committee Vice-Chair
Mr. Robert Otwell, Community Relations/Grants Committee Vice Chair

Foundation Board

Steve Bates   Bethany Lay
Victor Beck, Jr., DDS   Blake Lay
Pearl Bransford   Betsye Ledford
Caroline Cross   Bill Marbet
Barry Doss   Freda McClain
Johnnie Ruth Elrod   Sydney McClain
Elizabeth Eubanks   Trent Ogilvie
Tiby Ferguson   Mary Ann Roberts
Dr. Paul Gaddis, Sr.   Danny Rochelle
Dr. Barry Gidcomb   Michael Sztapka
Patrick Gilbert   John Tomlinson, III
Dr. Ronnie Griffeth   Con Vrailas
Richard Herrington   Bill Walter
Sam Kennedy   Lynne Williams
Steve Konz   Will Wilson
Jimmy Langsdon