Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 
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Catalog and Student Handbook 2010-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Student Life

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Columbia State Community College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Tennessee Junior and Community College Athletic Association and maintains a strong program of intercollegiate sports. Team sports include men’s basketball, women’s basketball, baseball, and women’s softball.

All athletic offices are located in the Webster Athletic Center on the Columbia campus.

Bulletin Boards/Sign Posting

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Posters to be distributed on campus must be approved by the Student Services office (Jones Student Center 164), or by the campus director on all extended campuses. Posters must include the name of the sponsoring organization, time, date, and location of the event.

All notices should be on bulletin boards; not on doors, windows, or walls. It is the responsibility of the person or group to take down posters after the event has taken place.

Bulletin Boards

The use of campus bulletin boards is limited to affiliated individuals and groups and to official use by the institution.

Bulletin boards may be designated for use by specific individuals or groups, such as faculty, students, student organizations, etc. Persons authorized to use a bulletin board, the types of materials which may be posted on a board, the maximum size and duration of any notice, and any other special conditions on use should be approved prior to the use of the board.

Approval for bulletin board use is obtained in the Student Services office (Jones Student Center 164), or in the director’s office at all extended campuses.

Child Care Services

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Columbia State Community College does not provide child care services; however, in an effort to aid our students in locating child care assistance, the Student Services office has prepared a list of individual licensed providers. The list includes child care agencies near each of the Columbia State campus locations. This information may be obtained in the Campus Information Center (Jones Student Center 151), or in the director’s office on all extended campuses.

The prospective student should be aware that these listings are not college-supervised nor college-inspected facilities. Students should plan to investigate the child care agencies to determine which one most adequately meets his/her individual needs.

Emergency Messages

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Students may not receive phone calls at the College. In the event of an emergency a student will be contacted in class to return a phone call. The caller will be asked the nature of the emergency in order to determine if the call warrants the student being removed from class. At the Columbia campus, all emergency messages should be directed to the Campus Information Center (931) 540-2540. At the extended campuses, emergency messages should be forwarded to the office of the director, or to the administrative offices.

Food Services/Vending

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A private contractor, whose purpose is to provide students with a quality food program, operates the cafeteria and the snack grille, on the Columbia campus. While classes are in session, the snack grille is open from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday, and from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Friday. The cafeteria is open from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday only.

Vending machines are operated for the benefit of students, and are located in various facilities on all campuses. The cashiers at all campus locations are responsible for vending machine reimbursement.

Honors and Awards

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Students who excel in academics and service are honored at annual award ceremonies during the spring semester.


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Under Tennessee Board of Regents policy, Columbia State Community College assumes no responsibility for student housing. This institution is a commuter college and has no dormitories, fraternity, or sorority housing.

Even though the College is unable to assume responsibility for student housing, the College is vitally concerned with the welfare and well-being of all students, and desires they have accommodations commensurate with their needs. A housing referral list, which includes apartments in the Columbia area, is available in the Student Information Center (Jones Student Center 151).

The prospective student and parents should be aware that these listings are not college-supervised nor college-inspected accommodations. Students should plan to arrive in the community in advance of final registration dates to find suitable housing.

Identification Cards

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All students taking credit courses must obtain a student identification card. Identification cards are available at no charge from the Student Information Center (Jones Student Center 151), or from the administrative office on any of the extended campuses. Misplaced cards can be replaced at a cost of $1. Identification cards should be retained for every semester of attendance; however, they must be revalidated each academic year. This card is required of students for identification, computer lab use, and checking out library materials. Additionally, it allows a student to attend all College activities open to the student body at no charge or at student rates.

Lost and Found

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All lost articles should be reported to the Campus Information Center (Jones Student Center 151), or to the administrative office at any of the extended campuses as soon as possible. A complete description of the lost item is required prior to being returned. All found articles will be dated and held for claim for three months. Any items not claimed within three months will be discarded.

Safety and Security

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The Department of Safety and Security at Columbia State Community College is committed to preserving a safe and secure environment for students of the College. The Columbia campus has security personnel on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Students on all Columbia State campuses are expected to assume reasonable responsibility for personal safety. By using common sense, safety practices such as walking in groups, reporting suspicious activities, keeping money, books and other personal items protected, locking car doors when leaving, wearing safety belts, observing speed limits, and generally being alert to personal welfare will ensure personal safety.

Student Activities and Organizations

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The College is dedicated to scheduling extracurricular activities and sponsoring student organizations which promote the development of the total individual.

Student Activities

Each academic year, the Student Services office sponsors a variety of social, cultural, and leadership programs for the enrichment of the College community.

Additionally, this office offers a wide-range of intramural activities. Intramurals allow for physical or nonphysical involvement with activities ranging from pool and ping-pong tournaments to flag football and volleyball.

It is the goal of Student Services to get students involved and to assist them in meeting their peers in a more casual setting. If you would like to be involved in student activities, please contact the Student Services office (Jones Student Center 164), at least 48 hours prior to the date of the event, for approval forms and procedures. Additional approval time may be required for activities which involve: college funding, fund-raising, distribution of literature, demonstrations, or rallies.

Student Activity Fee

Students at Columbia State pay a required student activity fee which provides compensation for scheduled activities. Additionally, the fee allows for students to receive admission to athletic events at a discounted student rate (Columbia State student identification card required).

Student Organizations

Student organizations should promote social and academic development and must abide by policies set forth by the Student Services office. All student organizations must be open to all students of the institution who qualify for membership. No student(s) shall be denied access to or membership in any student activity or organization by reason of race, religion, creed, color, sex, age, handicap, veteran status, or national origin.

No organization will be registered whose purposes or goals imply race, religion, or national discrimination.

Student organizations not meeting the approved guidelines may have their applications revoked.

Any group of students who desires to become a registered organization must submit a formal application to the Student Services office (Jones Student Center 164).

Columbia State registered organizations are as follows:

Campus Crusade for Life
Charger Student Radiographer Organization
INTL (It's Never Too Late)
Lambda Nu
NAVTA (Student Chapter of the North American Veterinary Technician Association
Phi Theta Kappa (International Honor Society)
Respiratory Care Crew
STEA (Student Tennessee Education Association)
Student Nursing Association - Columbia and Franklin

For more information regarding registered student organizations, please visit

Student Government Association

Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) are the student-elected representatives for the overall student body. The SGA meets biweekly to discuss issues of importance to Columbia State students. The SGA is responsible for making recommendations concerning student policies and activities to the director of student life. Because the SGA meetings are open to the public, students are encouraged to voice their concerns and opinions.

The SGA consists of a president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, and senators. Any student at Columbia State is eligible to run for an office in the SGA. Students interested in participating in the SGA election process must contact the Student Services office for complete information on eligibility.

Student Insurance

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Student health insurance is available through an independent company. Students interested in receiving information should contact the Campus Information Center (Jones Student Center 151).

Student Parking

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All vehicles driven by students, on the Columbia campus, must be registered with the Campus Information Center (Jones Student Center 151), or with the administrative office at any of the extended campuses. All students are assessed a $5 campus access fee per semester. The fee includes a vehicle registration decal that is valid from September 1 through August 31 of the following year.

Students who do not register their vehicles are subject to traffic fines:

No Decal   $ 25.00
No Parking Area   $ 15.00
Visitor Parking Area   $ 10.00
Faculty/Staff Parking   $ 10.00
Disabled Student Parking   $200.00
      (State Law - No Exceptions)       

All fines are payable to the cashier(s) at all campus locations. All fines will be doubled if not paid before the semester ends. Student records will be encumbered until all fines are cleared.

All traffic-fine appeals should be directed to the associate vice president for student services (Jones Student Center 164) within five (5) working days.

A copy of campus traffic regulations is distributed during vehicle registration and is available in the Campus Information Center (Jones Student Center 151). Students are expected to be familiar with these regulations.

Student Publications

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All student publications at Columbia State Community College are approved and coordinated through the Marketing and Public Relations office (Pryor Administration Building 107) and the Student Services office (Jones Student Center 164).

Web Site

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Information on Columbia State policies, student services, and class schedules may be obtained by visiting our Web site at


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