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Catalog and Student Handbook 2007-2008 
Catalog and Student Handbook 2007-2008 [Archived Catalog]

Student Services

The Student Services program at Columbia State is an integral part of the College program with the development of the student as the central theme. Emphasis is placed on the needs and concerns of the individual and his/her progress toward personal, educational, and occupational goals. Services provided include entry services, support services and student transition services. Entry services assist students in obtaining access to the College. Support services include personal, educational, and developmental services while students are enrolled at Columbia State. Transition services assist students in moving from Columbia State to senior colleges and universities or to employment. College activities are provided to assist students in developing culturally, socially, and educationally.

Directory of Available Services

Academic Advising
Course Overloads
Office of Advising, Warf Building 239
Academic Issues
Office of Academic Services, Pryor Administration Building 109
Application for Admission
Vehicle Registration
Identification Cards
Office of Admissions, Jones Student Center 151
Changing of Major
Web Registration
Withdrawal from College
Office of Records and Registration, Jones Student Center 101
Organizations and Clubs
Student Government Association
Scheduling Activities
Office of Student Life, Jones Student Center 163
Work Study
Veterans Affairs
Office of Financial Aid, Jones Student Center 101
Paying Tuition
Paying Parking Fines
Financial Aid Check Disbursement
Business Services, Pryor Administration Building 114
ADA Services  
Office of Disability Services, Jones Student Center 160
Student Success Counseling  
Office of Student Success Counseling, Jones Student Center 128
Career Counseling
Job Search Assistance
Office of Career Services, Jones Student Center 122
Placement Testing
Office of Testing Services, Jones Student Center 130
Textbooks and Supplies  
Barnes and Noble College Bookstore, Jones Student Center 165
Campus Security
Parking Citations
Security Department, Facility Services Building