Catalog and Student Handbook 2007-2008 
    Jul 21, 2018  
Catalog and Student Handbook 2007-2008 [Archived Catalog]

President’s Welcome

Welcome to Columbia State Community College. Your Success Starts Here -- With Us!

At Columbia State we know the benefits and value of getting a college education. First -- we work very hard at helping you get into college. And then we work very hard at helping you achieve success while you are with us.

We recognize what busy lives you have. So we try to make getting to classes easier with our five conveniently located campuses and with our array of courses offered on-line over the Internet. Our staff, with the help of technology, works to make admission, advising, registration, and financial aid processes as efficient for you as possible.

We're also concerned about keeping tuition affordable. We help you obtain as much financial assistance as possible. Last year, more than half of Columbia State's students received financial aid in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, and student employment -- more than $10 million totally.

But gaining access to Columbia State is just the beginning. What is equally important to us is your success. We want you to have exceptional learning success during your experience here at Columbia State, and we want you to establish a solid foundation for future learning.

Columbia State is purposefully realigning its programs and services to be more student-learning centered. We appreciate that our students learn in different ways and at different rates. You truly are a diverse group! We recognize that our students learn best and retain the longest what they learn in real-life and near-real-life settings. We also know that you learn best through application and practice. We are intentionally and continually developing new ways and creating new learning environments to help you attain success here at Columbia State and build a foundation for your future learning success.

What is student success? We believe it's all about you -- developing and being prepared with critical thinking skills, team building skills, and oral and written communication skills. And, it's all about you -- valuing education and becoming a responsible life-long learner.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, thank you for choosing Columbia State Community College. Your Success Starts Here -- With us!

O. Rebecca Hawkins