Mar 19, 2018  
Center for Workforce Development Course Catalog 2013 
Center for Workforce Development Course Catalog 2013

Types of Courses

We know your time is important and quality training is one of the keys to your success. We try to accommodate all schedules and continuing education needs in the way we offer classes.

These are our three types of classes:


Classes that meet in our classrooms can be day or evening and vary in length. There is an instructor(s) present that delivers the material and hands on training for the students that attend. Delivery location of the class may vary.


Training wherever you have an internet connection! These courses are offered virtually through our continuing education providers and offer the convenience of completing classes at any time of the day or night. All these are “on demand,” though most move through curriculum at a scheduled pace (ie. Students aren’t permitted to work through a six week class in one night). Ed2Go, Gatlin Education, and Regents Online Continuing Education (ROCE) are a few examples of our online training partners.


These courses are specially tailored to your organization. Need a computer class that focuses on graphics and metrics? Do your employees need basic do and don’ts of social media? We’ll develop a course for you and offer it on your site on your employees’ schedules. You are welcome to browse through our course listings to see what we’re offering, and check if the curriculum meets your needs. We can customize a class so it has an immediate impact on your employees’ knowledge and skills.

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